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Firm Shield

Friday, March 13, 2015

Amendments to ALIMONY: Links provided

We have been bombarded with questions regarding the status of the current bills before the State legislature with regard to alimony.  As in past years, we are not advocating any particular position regarding the possible amendment of alimony law in the state of Florida.  Further, we would only be guessing if we gave an opinion on where the law will stand after the session.  We can say that some sort of change seems much more likely than not.  Further, it is believed that the changes would take effect in October of 2015.  We will engage in more analysis of the bills as they move towards finalization and as the House and Senate bills move more in line with one another.  At that time we will provide a full analysis of what the changes will be.  In the meantime, we wanted to at least provide you links to the 2 different versions of the bill so you can track them in real time for yourself.

Here is the House Bill:  943

Here is the Senate Bill:  1248

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